Wednesday, February 1, 2012

character design Study - steps

"Rough sketch"

I usually start taking a look in some blogs or portfolios of artists for inspiration, after that, I do a rough sketch very simple, thinking about the features of characters.

"Rough color study"

The next step is make a quickly color study, not wasting time with details, caring about just with ilumination and colors.
*I never start to paint with a white background, because for me white means the strongest light on scene.

"Final art -vector"

After the color study done , is time to start make a final piece. 
This piece I did on Illustrator.
When I work with vectors, I make the shapes on photoshop and "copy and paste" the shapes on illustrator.....when finally done all the shapes and details it's time to coloring.
*on illustrator for me is really a hard process to work with gradients
I usually coloring with RGB codes from the color study.
*I use photoshop to know the RGB codes

That's it folks, hope you enjoy, it's my first text about my process so, sorry if something isn't clear
see you guys, please comment

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